'Goodbye forever! I'm flying away,' shouted Margarita, drowing out the waltz. She then decided that she had no need of the chemise and with an ominous chuckle she threw it over Nikolai Ivanovich's head. Blinded, he tumbled off the bench onto the bricks of the path.
Margarita turned to take one last look at the house where she had suffered so long, and in the lighted window she saw Natasha gaping with astonishment.
'Farewell, Natasha!' Margarita shouted and urged her broom upward. 'Invisible! I'm invisible!' she shouted even more loudly, and with the branches of the maple tree brushing against her face, she flew out over the gates and into the street. And the totally crazed waltz followed her aloft.
Invisible and free! Invisible and free!
Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and the Margarita, translated by Diana Burgin and Tiernan O'Connor.

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