As he stood before them the perfection of their survival often struck him as the supreme eloquence, the virtue that included all others, thanks to the language of art, the richest and most universal. Empires and systems and conquests had rolled over the globe and every kind of greatness had risen and passed away, but the beauty of the great pictures had known nothing of death or change, and the tragic centuries had only sweetened their freshness.
Henry James, The Tragic Muse.

Database of Cultural Plunder
Art in the Time of War

1. AP: A U.S. soldier stands among thousands of artworks stolen by the Nazis and stored in a church at Elligen, Germany.
2. Bettmann/Corbis: American soldiers with looted paintings at Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen, Germany.
3. Reuters: 'Himmler's Hoard' - Artworks found on the outskirts of Wewelsburg, Westphalia, the headquarters of the SS.