imaginary outfit: brunch in boston

It's been a while since we had one of these. I thought it was about time.

This weekend, Sean and I are driving to Boston for a family jamboree. Boston is not one of our favorite cities - for whatever reason, we just don't click. It's like meeting someone at a party and finding out that you both have good friends in common, but after a few minutes of awkward chitchat, you're staring at your wine glass and thinking of ways to make a break for the bowl of Cheez-Its across the room.

Fortunately, Boston has a number of our favorite people (and the ten hour drive is perfect for listening to new music). We'll get to hang out with our niece and nephew, and we are meeting new friends for brunch. I'm excited about this because not only are the people we are meeting rad, the place we are going to has some sort of delightful thing called 'spoon fruits'. I'm assuming this is a particularly wonderful sort of jam, and I can't wait.

This ensemble is what I'd wear to eat the spoon fruits amongst the Bostonians. If they are tasty enough, maybe we'll be friends with Boston after all.