the lonely sea and the sky

During the next week's sailing, I came to terms with life. I found that my sense of humor had returned; things that would have irritated me or maddened and infuriated me ashore made me laugh out loud, and I dealt with them steadily and efficiently. Rain, fog, squalls and turbulent forceful seas under grey skies became merely obstacles. I seemed to have found the true values of life. The meals I cooked myself were feasts, and my noggins of whiskey were nectar. A good sleep was as valuable to me as the Koh-i-noor diamond. All my senses seemed to be sharpened; I perceived and enjoyed the changing character of the sea, the colours of the sky, the slightest changes in the noises of the sea and wind. Even the differences between light and darkness were strong, and a joy. I was enjoying life, and treating it as it should be treated - lightly.

Sir Francis Chichester, The Lonely Sea and the Sky