imaginary outfit: going for a walk in riverside park

It's an adjustment, learning to live in a city I've known only as a tourist. It's strange to have the luxury of time - to know that I don't have to cram all the adventures into a day or two, that I have acres and oceans of space ahead to fill. It's oddly relaxing and makes being here feel a little surreal - everyone is in a great rush to get to things, except me.

So far, going for a walk every day in the park next door has been my way to get a little bit of a hold on things. There's trees and water and boats, stroller people and wagging dogs of every stripe. Nora and I take our time, walking up and down hills, exploring staircases to see where they go. We go a different route every day. I read placards and notices and historical markers, and she revels in smelling everything and greeting every dog we walk by.

I think we are really going to like it here.