imaginary outfit: a visit from the niece and nephew

We are getting our first visitors this weekend. My brother-in-law's family is making the trek from Boston to NYC so that we can have time with the niece and nephew. It will be a new challenge to negotiate the city with a four year old and 20 month old, and we have been scoping out the best playgrounds in a 30-block radius. Adventures with the small folks sometimes feel like planning a military expedition. A certain amount of precision is required. Woe to the aunt who forgets snack time, or who doesn't know where the nearest bathroom is. As the advance guard, we are doing our best to be prepared. We will synchronize our watches, strategically locate snack locations, plot the precise distance to the Bronx Zoo and charge up the camera batteries. I am also laying in a supply of tall tales to amuse my nephew (who thinks that I lived an exciting life as a big-rig truck driver back in the day).

I can't wait.