imaginary outfit: headed home for christmas

Today we are headed back to Ohio. Sean's spending a half-day in the office, and I am running around packing up cookies and presents and dog food so we can leave as soon as he gets home. I'll be excited once everything is loaded and stowed and the rental car finally points west. I've assembled snacks for a car picnic, stashed some spare blankets and we have a backlog of interesting podcasts to make the trip speedy, no matter the traffic or weather. Right before we leave, I'll fill up some hot water bottles to keep us nice and toasty until we land safe and sound at my parents' house, where there will be a fire and apricot-brandy slush and beds piled high with quilts, not to mention lots of hugs and laughter, games of Uno and Italian wedding soup.

It's hard not to hop up and down a little with excitement. It's almost worth living far away just to have the fun of making the trip home.