cut out

Birgir Andresson's Build series from 2004:
The open structures—the result of removing lettering from the boxes—are striking visualizations of the riddle of language, the nature of which, as a system of signs, is to refer to that which is not present.

The work was inspired by a childhood experience in the home for the blind where the artist grew up. (Andrésson’s father and stepmother were both blind.) An old man who had partial sight in one eye asked the young Andrésson to cut out the letters on cardboard boxes so that he could write a personal letter by arranging cardboard letters into words. Andrésson enthusiastically collected cardboard boxes from the shops and cut out the letters. It soon became clear that the project would fail, however: the first sentence exceeded ten meters.
Eva Heisler. Full article here.

Images from i8 via the ever-excellent I'm Revolting.