imaginary outfit: memorial day weekend

Summer is the season of three day weekends. It starts with Memorial Day, peaks at 4th of July, and fades into fall after Labor Day.

Most of my life, I have lived near family, and all kind of family events - parties, graduations, dinners, etc. - tend to barnacle onto these weekends, turning them into small hectic three-day jamborees. Moving away has changed the calendar. All the usual things that used happen on these little holidays are gone, and we haven't been here long enough for new things to calcify into place. While I miss some of those seasonal benchmarks, the freedom of unrestricted time has been exhilarating. There aren't any obligations, and everything is new. Nothing is routine. Nothing is familiar. It is electric in the best possible way. Time is open and it is ours.

I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with whatever comes along.