Then Maitre Jean Beaupère, a well-known Professor of Theology, did, by Our order, question the said Jeanne. This he did as follows:
"First of all, I exhort you, as you have so sworn, to tell the truth on what I am about to ask you."
"You may well ask me some things on which I shall tell you the truth and some on which I shall not tell it you. If you were well informed about me, you would wish to have me out of your hands. I have done nothing except by revelation."
From the transcript of St. Joan of Arc's Trial of Condemnation.

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Saint Joan - J.W. Waterhouse (early 20th century).
Joan of Arc, Charles Goldie, 1896.
Jeanne d'Arc and the Archangel Michael (detail) - Eugene Thirion, 1876. Via.