Images from Robert Morris's 1971 interactive installation Bodyspacemotionthings at the Tate's Duveen Galleries.

From The Guardian:
It was May 1971, and the opening of an exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London; the sort of thing that one might expect to be quiet, dignified and staid - but, as it turned out, all hell broke loose.

Men started picking up some of the exhibits - weights suspended on chains - and swinging them around their heads. First aiders were occupied picking splinters out of the rear ends of the miniskirted young women hurt on wooden slides.

"The trouble is they went bloody mad," the Daily Telegraph quoted a guard as saying of the visitors as he surveyed the battered remains of the installation.
The show closed after four days.

More here (the installation was recreated in the Tate's Turbine Hall in 2009).