i'm too sad to tell you

I’m Too Sad to Tell You (1970), a frontal image of the artist’s tear-stained face, was produced as a postcard, a film (twice) and as an editioned photographic work. Each version has a slightly different feel and sense of purpose. The postcard was sent out in bulk to his friends like an On Kawara telegram but without the sense of abstraction inherent in a statement as blunt as ‘I am still alive’ - which really doesn’t tell you very much at all. Ader complained about the difficulty of making the work - of being in the right state of mind to perform the piece. The reason for his (real) crying is ‘a secret’ known only by close friends but it is apparently important we know that there is a reason.
James Roberts and Collier Schorr in frieze, issue 17, June-August 1994.