imaginary outfit: one year in new york

The full title of this little ensemble was going to be 'Sean and Stephanie Celebrating One Year In New York By Going Out For Tasty Mini Lox Bagels at Russ & Daughters'  but Blogger flat-out balked at the length so I abridged.

Believe it or not, today marks the one year anniversary of our move to New York.

Just about every day for the last 365 days, one or the other of us has gotten quiet and saucer-eyed for a moment and poked the other one and fiercely whispered: CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Can you believe that it is us, here? Here, in this wonderful place? This past year has felt like waking up. Our apartment is tiny. Everything is terribly, frighteningly expensive. I still don't have a full time job. Strange and horrifying smells and rodents of unusual size are not unfamiliar. The sheer mass of humanity is intimidating. And still, it is wonderful. The act of living here has been so intensely engrossing and engaging that it feels like a revelation. Like Dorothy walking through the door into the technicolor world.  And beneath this intoxicating exhilaration, we both, finally, have been able to relax. No more wishing we were somewhere else. We are engaged with here, and here is plenty because we love it.

So, we celebrate tomorrow with bagels. One year.