lost art

Young Couple. 1926. Oil on cardboard. Whereabouts unknown.
Der Goldfisch / The Goldfish. 1921. Oil on wood. Lost since 1933.
Die Rasenbank / The Bench. 1922. Oil on wood. Lost since 1937.
Girlfriends. 1923. Oil on wood. Whereabouts unknown.
Encounter. 1921. Oil on canvas. Lost since 1933.

Much of his early work was lost or destroyed - the Nazis considered it degenerate.  

I've been thinking about how art is lost or saved since seeing this and reading this. Looking up Räderscheidt, I came across the story of Paul Multhaupt's collection - he was one of Räderscheidt's first patrons, and had a visionary collection of modern art, with works by Nolde, Kirchner, Klee and Chagall, among others - all eventually labeled degenerate. In 1933, Multhaupt committed suicide, four weeks before the first exhibition of his collection. It has been missing ever since.

Faulty and fallible as it is, I am grateful for the internet. It is a bulwark against loss and forgetting.