very old things

From top to bottom:

Limestone mortar and pestle. Syria. Neolithic period: late 8th millennium B.C.
Anthropomorphic pebble figure. Limestone. Israel. Neolithic period. Late 7th millennium B.C.
Jug with concentric circles. Northwest Anatolia. 2700-2400 B.C.
Monstrous male figure (that’s actually what the tag reads). Central Asia or Iran. Late 3rd - early 2nd millennium B.C.
Cube weights from the Indus Valley. 2600 - 1900 B.C. (Like agate dice. I love these especially.)
Gold dog pendant (fantastically tiny - no bigger that the tip of my little finger). Mesopotamia or Iran. 3300-2900 B.C.
Carved ivory pomegranate (it is about the size of an acorn). Neo-Assyrian. 9th-8th century B.C.