imaginary outfit: snow in october

Talk about a trick or treat. Yesterday's snow felt like like a giddy prank no one was expecting.

Looking out my window today, I see blue sky, trees full of green summer leaves, and trampled patches of snow. It's surreal, like all the seasons have been mashed together.

I expect this kind of behavior from spring - spring's a freak, predictably unpredictable - but fall usually offers a more orderly progression. In Ohio, snow in October wasn't an uncommon thing, but when it fell on leaves, they were brown and yellow and red. The colors come much later here, and I'm still working to readjust my internal calendar to match the different weather and seasons of this strange little island. Between epic Christmas blizzards, hurriquakes and thundersnow, the past twelve months haven't helped in setting the average, but they do make for good stories.


Regarding sweaters: I was wandering through Bird a few weeks ago and saw all kinds of knitwear from Howlin' by Morrison. One of their cardigans and a pair of Chimala jeans are duking it out for the top spot on my 'Clothes I Wish I Owned' list.