imaginary outfit: missing letters

D was the first to go. Two months after I got a new driver's license, I noticed that my last name was spelled Maewell instead of Madewell (so quick on the uptake, me). Ever since, I've been contemplating what life as Stephanie Maewell could be like. The NYC DMV mixes Kafkaesque buraucracy with the appeal of the waiting room for the dead in Beetlejuice and I don't want to go back.

On Sunday, I lost H M N and Y. ? , and 6 vanished next. My seven year old laptop has apparently had enough. Communicating this week as been a delicate act of cutting and pasting.

I've become exquisitely aware of how important a handful of letters can be. On the plus side, I am cultivating patience. And I think I could kill on Wheel of Fortune. Amazing what RSTLN and E can do.