imaginary outfit: rabbit holes

I found a rabbit hole in Chelsea: the Doug Wheeler installation at David Zwirner.

Physically, it is a white box with curved edges bathed in light, framed by a rectangular passage of glossy white. Standing outside looking in, it looks like a framed void, with people in mesmerized suspension. Some stand still and others shuffle forward in increments, feeling for the edge with their cloudlike feet (everyone's street shoes get protective coverings). To step in yourself is to fall out of one world into another. The edge of everything vanishes into pure light.  The rim of my eyelids and my eyelashes were the only boundary left.  It was strange and exhilarating - a freedom from space and sight. I've never experienced anything like it.


Otherwise: Enjoying nonce-words, reading a new book. 100 pages in so far, and it's eye-popping, hilarious, weird and wonderful.

Also: some imaginary outfits never make it to the blog (ex. A, ex. B, ex. C) but I usually tweet a link to them here: @evencleveland.