imaginary outfit: work wardrobe

Winter was unsatisfied this year. There were scant few cold days to feed it, and Spring flouted its dampening and persistent dark with bold and unseasonable encroachments. It holds on in name only, its time nearly up. The sun comes sooner and lingers later, fading the bitterness from air and earth. Green and growing things have appeared, blind alien fingers poking up and out. Radical change is coming.

The current revolution in my life is a new job. For the first time in a long time, I'm in an actual office. There's the joy of new routines and fresh starts to enjoy, and the minor, savory pleasure of figuring out what to wear. Simpler, starker pieces and patterns suit my mood these days, and I am impatient with my closet. I have half a mind to sell it all and start over. Fewer things and better.

It's a March mood of renunciation.  One last fling with austerity before the generous riot of spring.