imaginary outfit: cool may mornings

It's supposed to rain all week here, so the espadrille element of this outfit is total fantasy (rain + espadrilles = soggy unpleasantness). Still, it's been cool enough for coats and jeans and lightweight long-sleeved shirts (a.k.a. my favorite), so I'm happy with the weather.

I like these long rainy weeks in the city. It pins things down. Everything is a little less frantic and hurried, and when I do venture out,  there's a tiny thrum of pleasant adventure, because even the simplest expedition is a small act of defiance against the weather.

Little adventures suit my mood. I've been working in an office, and my routines are slowly calcifying around me, the weight of the usual and expected accumulating through repetition and expectation. It feels a bit like building a shell. Not altogether unpleasant, but breaking out just a little here and there is a welcome thing. Makes me glad for rain.