'cold-blooded rover of the deep'

... a cold-blooded rover of the deep, its huge mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, swimming ceaselessly night and day in search of anything that might fall into the cavernous maw and stay the gnawing hunger which drives the rapacious fish relentlessly on his way … There is something particularly sinister in a shark’s appearance. The sight of his ugly triangular fin lazily cutting zigzags in the surface of the sea, and then submerging to become a hidden menace, suggests a malevolent spirit. His ogling chinless face, his scimitar-like mouth with its rows of gleaming teeth, the relentless and savage fury with which he attacks, the rage of his thrashing when caught …
Captain William E. Young, Shark! Shark! (Theo Tait describes Young as a 'professional shark-hater and shark-killer.')

Nicolaus Steno: Elementorum myologiae specimen, seu musculi descriptio geometrica. Florence, 1667. Found at book aesthete.