2013 e*c book club reading list

January 14: Jane Austen: Mansfield Park
February 11: Susan Howe: My Emily Dickinson
March 11: Francis Hodgson Burnett: A Little Princess
April 8: Henry James: What Maisie Knew 
May 13: Jean Strouse: Alice James
June 10: George Eliot: The Mill on the Floss
July 8: Barbara Comyns: Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead
August 12: Virginia Woolf: The Years
September 9: Laura Riding: Progress of Stories
October 14: Edward de Waal: The Hare With Amber Eyes
November 11: Isak Dinesen: Seven Gothic Tales
December 9: James Joyce: Dubliners

Year one of the book club was more fun than I expected, and I can't wait to see what this year brings.

If you'd like to come, please do. We are a pretty friendly, eclectic bunch, and each meeting is open to anyone who has read the book. There's no expectation that you'll stick around from month to month (although you are welcome to). We meet at Community Bookstore in Park Slope at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month.

I do a fair amount of research for each book before our meetings, which you can follow here: http://evencleveland.tumblr.com/