resting horses

Over the weekend, I wandered into Julie Saul Gallery to see Sally Gall's photographs of clouds and contrails, and happened on an exhibition catalog of Charlotte Dumas' photographs of the burial horses of Arlington Cemetery. She captured the horses after the day's work is done, as they are about to fall asleep in their stalls. From Holland Cotter's NYT review:
Seen under soft light in shadowy stalls they have an archaic, monumental beauty, enhanced by their marble-white coats. Yet seated on the stable floor, their legs folded under them, they look unexpectedly vulnerable, like trusting children. And Ms. Dumas brings us in close enough to see tender details: the light-colored lashes on great dark eyes; the exposed stretch of a bare, bent neck revealing delicate patterns of musculature and veining.
You can order the book here + read more about the project here. It's spellbinding.