the report from los angeles

My time in LA was sunny — I am pretty sure I got more vitamin D in three days than I've gotten in the last six months — but too short. A few highlights:
  • ordering a giant room service breakfast of eggs benedict and tomato juice, then going for a float in the hotel pool all by my lonesome
  • Trees right out of Dr. Seuss: short, shaggy, Muppety palms; great, tall squiggly trunks topped with lopsided leaf tufts; fluorescent purple jacarandas
  • the beaches (amazingly wide) and the big waves (and I wasn't even in the big wave places)
  • ocean as far as the eye could see
  • leather clutches in rainbow piles at Clare Vivier
  • buying a bag of fresh pineapple, watermelon, cucumbers and coconut pieces that were doused with lemon and lime juice, then dusted with chili powder
  • this blue dress (spotted at Mohawk General Store)
  • great old guitars
  • everything at Dream Collective, but especially the stained glass by David Scheid
  • a tiny exhibit of ancient glass objects
  • fringed silk scarves and a wonderful quilt at En Soie
  • a jar of cinnamon clove sugar from ReForm School
  • finding an incredible art and design bookstore completely by accident
  • watching games of paddle tennis (while eating the aforementioned chili fruits)
  • celebrating my sister's new masters degree (Dr. Dre was there, but I missed that part)
I only made it to a tiny fraction of the places I'd like to visit and didn't have any time to look up friends, so hopefully I'll find my way west again soon.