imaginary outfit: leftover candy

November days pull me in two. The air is just chill enough to make every walk brisk. The trees still have color, and the sidewalks are scattered with yellow leaves that chatter when the wind blows. Across the park, the 'mums at the Conservatory Gardens are hanging on to a diminishing glory. Every day I don't make it over there feels like a missed opportunity.

Still, as much as I want to be out, I want to stay in where there's a couch, wooly blankets, and a dog that's always happy to nap by my side while I read. All of the books on my shelf have undergone their annual November magic and seem magnetically appealing, and the list of things that need to be read or re-read gets longer every day.

It's a wonderful dilemma. I'm hoping to split the difference this weekend; some time in reading, some time out walking. And everything sweetened with a bag or two of discounted Halloween candy.