this weekend

We have a day and a night for a few last city expeditions, and then we head back to Ohio for the holidays. We are staying a bit longer than usual, and to celebrate I've abandoned every bit of prudent packing advance. We are taking everything: bulky sweaters, multiple sets of flannel pajamas, stacks of books, art supplies, skis, hot water bottles, spare boxes of tissues, shearling slippers, piles of presents and various edibles collected from assorted boroughs, dog food, a dog bed and the dog, Christmas DVDs, back issues of The New Yorker, ice skates, cookie cutters and a number of other things ranging from the necessary to the less so. We're prepared for every possible form of holiday glee. The only things I need are more hours in each day so we can find time for all of the things we want to do and a heavy snowfall. Never too much time or snow.

Wishing you and yours plenty of both (and everything else) over the holidays. Merry Christmas!