imaginary outfit: christmas week

I woke up before the sun, my head full of cookie thoughts, then spent the day in the kitchen with my mom rolling tiny meatballs for wedding soup, wrapping small strips of puff pastry around tiny aluminum forms for lady locks, and tackling the balish – Hungarian cookies made from tender pie-crust-like dough that gets rolled out to near see-through thinness in a sugar-flour mixture, cut into little squares, dolloped with apricot or walnut filling, wrapped, rolled and baked. Somehow we also managed to make a batch or regular-sized meatballs and a pot full of homemade tomato sauce for dinner later. Once the kitchen tasks wind down, there's a bevy of hand-painted wooden peg skiers and pinecone people waiting on tiny felt hats and a stack of Christmas DVDs to watch.

These are the very best kinds of busy days.

Happy holidays, friends.