imaginary outfit: freeze and thaw

Yesterday, the ice in the creek broke up. After a few warm(er) days, it went from a solid, snow-covered sheet to a damp, semi-translucent slab laced with rills of water. I was hoping to be nearby when the ice finally broke, but I missed it. When I came home from work yesterday, the big ice was gone and the little eddies and whorls of creek water had become a fast-moving mass studded with blocky ice chunks like mini icebergs. For a sudden half hour, it turned into a giant slushy machine, and soccer ball-sized pieces of ice and slush filled the creek from bank to bank, rushing away downstream. Now it is running relatively clear and high, and it's nice to have creek sounds back in the valley.

Things I have read and enjoyed: The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra.
Things I have read and not enjoyed: pregnancy books. The tone see-saws between the apocalyptic and patronizing, and they don't seem to offer much beyond a catalog of everything that can go wrong. We checked a tall stack out of the library and didn't find a winner in the bunch. We'll just have to go the old-fashioned route and trust the doctor.
Things I have seen and liked: musical drawings and prints at the Cleveland Museum of Art; turquoise pebble earrings; patched jeansrecipes for beautiful and intimidatingly healthy food.

I am also laying plans to increase the number of overalls and rompers in my collection. They are very kind to expanding midsections.