imaginary outfit: iced coffee and blueberry muffins

This time last year, our morning walks orbited Tarallucci e Vino at 83rd and Columbus. We'd stop in for blueberry muffins and iced coffee, give Nora the muffin bottom as a treat, and head back to our apartment by way of the park. The baristas knew us and our order, and we also got to know the other morning regulars: the lady with cloudy blonde hair, the paper-reading couple with two gorgeous and perpetually sleepy golden retrievers, the solemn toddler sitting in her red Bugaboo eating pastry with great delicacy and deliberation.

Our morning walks are quieter now, with a different cast of regulars — pterodactyl-looking pileated woodpeckers, darting chipmunks, the occasional speeding car, a neighbor puffing along in neon workout clothes — and a little less caloric: no tempting cafes en route. But there is something about a drink in hand that encourages slowing down and strolling, so Sean has been making cold brew, and I have been experimenting with blueberry muffin recipes since my go-to recipe (shared a long time ago on Anne's blog) lacks the sweeter, cake-like texture of the Tarallucci muffins. So far, this recipe is the closest approximation I've found (discovered by Googling "best blueberry muffins" — sometimes, you can't be too obvious). I use one teaspoon of vanilla and one teaspoon of almond extract, and next time, I will bake them in paper wrappers to get more of that cafe feel.

Iced coffee and a blueberry muffin: the perfect way to welcome the weekend, no matter where your walks take you.


Random items of note:
Sidebar: the hair tie and earrings in this outfit are testing my fiscal fortitude (as ever, you can click on the image to get the links to everything pictured).

Happy weekend.