'ever-different splashes of sky'

A[n] ... archival and serial thrust defines the original structure of Infinito, 1974, which Ghirri made into both an installation and a book ... The work is composed of parallel rows of photographs of skies, 365 of them, shot day after day over one year. Choosing images that are mostly abstract blocks of color, without coordinates, Ghirri suggests that it is impossible for photography to capture reality, even in fragments. The landscape is replaced by a chromatic and mental mapping. Infinito is a kind of atlas, as Ghirri called it, but the logical system that underlies the project is not so rational: The photographs are not in chronological order. Chance establishes unexpected references between ever-different splashes of sky, adding another level of narration, one more intimate and emotional.
Alessandra Pioselli, "Luigi Ghirri." Artforum International, Vol. 50, No. 9, May 2012.

Image from Infinito, available from Made in Wonder.