imaginary outfit: newborn daze

Easy does it is the motto around here. As someone who has always had trouble not worrying about what's next or what's past, I've found having a newborn surprisingly relaxing. They are the definition of immediate: everything is in the moment.

All this moment-to-moment living makes even the most mundane things wonderful: an extra ten minutes to linger in the shower; the feel of crisp, clean sheets at the end of the day; the warmth of a sun-warmed porch floor or the cool of an air-conditioned room; someone bringing you a glass of lemonade. And of course, the baby is a daily marvel. I'm happy just to watch him be.


One of the downsides of life are for-your-own-good truth/doom-sayers: the people who tell you cheerful things like 'Once you have a baby, you'll never see a movie/read a book/shower/travel/wear your old jeans again...' etc. etc. etc.

For the record (in case you, too, are expecting or even thinking about a baby and have encountered people determined to take the shine off your life): I've read several books and a number of magazine articles since Hugh arrived on the scene, watched a few movies, made numerous meals, taken a few walks by myself, showered daily, and had lovely conversations with my husband. Old jeans and traveling may take a bit more time, but I'm hopeful. In the meantime, there are always televised travel specials and jumpsuits.