imaginary outfit: 37

I woke up today to my husband, a cheeky baby in his arms, wishing me happy birthday and offering me a plate of English muffin and mushroom omelet. Nora was perched at the foot of the bed, patiently waiting for stray bits of toasted muffin. To me, wonderful things in life include:
  • any excuse to stay in bed just a little longer
  • waking up to delicious breakfast smells, especially of the egg and muffin variety
  • cheeky babies
  • yellow dogs at the foot of the bed
  • Sean
In a little while, we'll push the stroller up the hill for our big family walk, and we'll admire the bright leaves. When we get back, I'll spend time sitting on a floor quilt, watching Hugh practice exciting things like scoots, head swivels, toy grabbing and baby gabbling, and doing all kinds of goofy things to make him smile. My mom is coming over later, and we'll get to laugh over the baby and think through important things like first Halloween costumes. Sean will come home and sing the baby to sleep, and I'll go out and meet up with friends and a passel of strangers to make wood-fired pizza in a barn. When I get home, my family will be waiting for me. 

37 is feeling good. 


I had the baby three months ago — only three months/already three months! — and my body still feels a bit strange and unfamiliar. Soft, forgiving things are particularly comforting to wear, and make me feel better about petal-soft baby cheeks rubbing against my shoulder. And imaginary outfits always fit perfectly.