imaginary outfit: falls church

This weekend: a car trip south to see my sister and her husband. On the agenda:
It's supposed to be cool, and I am looking forward to walking, walking, walking everywhere, and maybe sneaking away to see a movie in a theater.


I am not a seasoned traveller; and am hardly a seasoned parent (just 13 months on the job, and still learning every day), so I haven't got any tricks for long car rides or transatlantic flights or dogsled excursions with very young companions. I will say that I find a backpack key for corralling necessaries; a watch useful, so I can keep track of all the times (Nap, Snack, Running Around, Unexplained Crying, Wild Laughing, Irrational Aggravation, Story, Second Snack) without resorting to my phone; comfortable shoes and washable fabrics mandatory; and patience, humor and perseverance handy. Most ordeals transmute into hilarious tales with lightning speed.

Happy weekend.

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