shoes for library hour

[Editor's note: My heart has been twisted in knots over the state of the world. I'm doing what I can to try and help, and I imagine most of you are, too, and somewhere mixed into all of the worry and the trying is the little luxury of putting aside a few minutes for happy-making things. Under that heading, then, shoes.]

Toddler library hour is a fraught time for Hugh and me. Neither of us are effortlessly social beings. Hugh deals with this by bringing his blanket; I'm still working on my coping strategy. It may involve shoes, somewhat sensible or less so.

From top:
Sezane Paul derbies
Loeffler Randall Willa cut-out oxford
Clarks Originals Weaver in cranberry (also here)
MNZ Thelma flat
No. 6 Sadie clog