'the brightest object'

This story, about Fayes Khamal, a ten-year-old-boy in a Rohingya refugee camp who collects plastic bags, trash, and bits of bamboo, to make into kites for younger children, had me crying in the car.

The reminder that humans have the capacity, even in terrible circumstances, to use the broken and discarded pieces of the world to make something beautiful and joyful, to find ways to give and help, was wonderful and almost too much to bear.

And this child, who has found his own way to make something intolerable a little better, is, of course, exactly the kind of person the Trump Administration wants to ban from coming to the United States: young, male, a Muslim refugee, someone from a poor country. 

Meanwhile, native-born American men keep finding weapons and murdering schoolchildren, people at concerts, people dancing, people praying, people watching movies ...


Detail from a photo by Allison Joyce for NPR.