'it's always the man looking through the lens'

“You know what?” she says. “I’m not that into images. This is like a major problem for me, lifelong. But I’m really good at admitting it now. I just don’t care that much about fashion photography.” One reason is content. “All the images are from a male point of view, all of it, my whole life, all of our lives — it’s always the man looking through the lens. Imagine if it were more women? … We’re missing out on things. And we’re conditioned to be ashamed of menopause and aging. I’m just not doing it. I’m into embracing menopause — I’m not there yet, but Frances McDormand style.”
Rachel Comey, quoted in "Rachel Comey Makes Herself Comfortable," by Cathy Horyn for The Cut, 9/5/2018. It's a great read.

I remember the first time I saw a pair of Rachel Comey shoes back in 2008, and it's a terrible 21st-century cliché to say this, but I felt seen. It was the first fashion thing I ever experienced where I felt like someone out there was making something for the person I am, not some version of the woman someone else expects me to be.