imaginary outfit: quick trip

I've had the great good fortune lately to have work, and what's more, work that I enjoy and that sometimes means I get to travel. Tomorrow, I'm flying to New York for the quickest of visits, barely a day, to celebrate Issue 04 of Broccoli magazine. (If you'd like to celebrate too, come by the Rachel Comey store between 7 and 9 pm and say hello.) 

I'll have a couple of hours free to myself, and although I probably should find somewhere to hunker down and work, I've decided to have the car take me right from LaGuardia to the main branch of the New York Public Library. I'm going to take an hour to breathe in book-filled air and look at Anna Atkins cyanotypes before I get a pretzel and wander down a quotation-filled sidewalk. I might go and peruse fancy ribbon, too. (They make the best bookmarks.)


I am trying out a new imaginary outfit technology ... so far, not too bad!