gifts for mushroom people

A Showa era netsuke of a frog and a mushroom.
A portable, rechargeable lamp for perusing field guides.
Amusing knife rests.
A platter suitable for fungi feasts.
A mushroom mystery box, because opening it up is just like hunting for mushrooms—you don't know what you'll find.
An image of a wanderer in a forest of colossal fungi.
An eternal (or near-eternal) mushroom.
A hand-carved charm.
A nifty knife and brush, for collecting and cleaning specimens.
Plugs for cultivating your own Tremella fuciformis, a.k.a. snow fungus, or a tremella serum.
A one-strap vest, because extra pockets come in handy on forays.
And a single-issue magazine designed to evoke the experience of walking through a leaf-shadowed forest and stumbling upon unexpected wonders in patches of light. Includes mushroom chatrooms, radical mycologists, spore prints, astrology, death eaters, poisons, folklore, jokes, grief, mycelial facts and factoids, memories, cult perfumes, neuroscience, people who dress like mushrooms, and a Q & A with my very favorite mycophile (Hugh, of course). I talk a little bit about it here.