gifts for colorful characters


Emma Mierop's ruffled linen scarf for a non-boring neutral.

A must-read magazine about thrifting glories for anyone who loves clothes and a vintage couch from Obsolete to sprawl out on while you read it.

Laila Gohar's particularly pleasing bean pot for Hay.

A hand-crocheted balaclava and a Taion puffer to liven up grey days. (This purple one is a steal.)

Cinnamon-and-cayenne Viper Balm, to get the blood flowing.

Tiny (and tasty) Italian jujubes in bright polka-dotted wrappers stuffed in a vintage crystal apple or a Helle Mardahl bonbon dish.

Marina Abramovic playing cards, for a little performance art every day.

Pleasing pleats in a handy tote.

Coco & Wolf Liberty silk pillowcase to encourage pleasantly trippy dreams.

And a tree from space—specifically, a sycamore moon seedling grown from a seed astronaut Stuart Roosa carried to the moon in 1971 on the Apollo 14 mission.