imaginary outfit: clothes that would make me feel better about monday mornings

Right now, I have two jobs with overlapping weekend work hours. As a result, the past couple of weekends have felt like I am cramming a full workweek into two days. It's not the best arrangement, and I have six weeks to go. It leaves me dreading Monday mornings and the resumption of my normal projects. So today, as I am dragging my reluctant self up and out and staring bleakly at my closet, I am imagining something to wear that would provide enough motivation to get me out of my pajamas and out of the house - something comfortable with a little edge, a contrast of restful neutrals with mixed textures and subtly strange shapes.

On further consideration, those moccasins may be working against my up and at 'em needs a little bit - I think I hear them saying 'stay on the couch, eat cereal and watch Turner Classic Movies all day' ...