imaginary outfit: looking for apartments in new york

So, this weekend the great adventure starts. We head to the wilds of New York City to try and find a little (maybe a too-little) foothold of our own. I've spent the week on the phone with brokers and bankers and helpful friends and too many hours on the internet scouring listings and discussion boards, trying to figure the whole process out. Apparently it ranks somewhere between differential calculus and global nuclear disarmament in difficulty, but I am not without hope that we will figure it out. I come from a long line of nomads with a knack for making a homes out of wherever they hang their hats, and as long as we can find a place with sunny windows that's not terribly far from a park of some kind, I know we can make it work.

I am planning on dressing for a lot of walking - a natty dress, comfortable shoes. A little blazer to throw on if the breeze gets too fresh. A big bag to hold all the documents we'll need to prove that we are indeed reliable, and a watch so that we won't be late for any of the showings.

Wish us luck!