imaginary outfit: a trip in the rain to get yarn and art supplies

This week has been a bruiser - election madness, sad news from friends, a higher-than-usual proportion of snide emails. 

It's tempting to circle the metaphorical wagons and hunker down. I've considered going the Jonathan Franzen route and putting superglue in my internet port, but I am a cockeyed optimist - I still think the loss would outweigh the gain. Instead, I'm comforting myself with simple things. 

It is the time of year for homely projects. I've been making applesauce, a cinnamon-y balm to the soul, and I am thinking of attempting knitting mittens (there is an easy pattern for a cable pair in this month's Martha Stewart). And of course, the holidays are creeping up, and there is all the fun of plotting gifts to make.

So, despite today's classic November weather - a little raw, a little wet - I am headed downtown to gather supplies. I'll meet up with a friend, and we'll chat and compare yarn swatches, and maybe get a cardamom coffee. I'll be trying to shake off this week, and look ahead.