'but courage, father! let us out to sea'

Filed under feats of father/daughter derring-do: on the morning of September 7, 1838, Grace Darling, the daughter of a lighthouse keeper, noticed survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire on the rocky island of Big Harcar. The seas were too rough for the local lifeboat, so Grace and her father put out to sea in a small boat and rowed close to a mile through the stormy water to rescue five people.

Grace became a Victorian media sensation, celebrated in paintings and all sorts of memorabilia (including this silver pin), as well as a poem by William Wordsworth:

          All night the storm had raged, nor ceased, nor paused,
          When, as day broke, the Maid, through misty air,
          Espies far off a Wreck, amid the surf,                    
          Beating on one of those disastrous isles—
          Half of a Vessel, half—no more; the rest
          Had vanished, swallowed up with all that there
          Had for the common safety striven in vain,
          Or thither thronged for refuge. With quick glance
          Daughter and Sire through optic-glass discern,
          Clinging about the remnant of this Ship,
          Creatures—how precious in the Maiden's sight!
          For whom, belike, the old Man grieves still more
          Than for their fellow-sufferers engulfed                
          Where every parting agony is hushed,
          And hope and fear mix not in further strife.
          "But courage, Father! let us out to sea—
          A few may yet be saved." The Daughter's words,
          Her earnest tone, and look beaming with faith,
          Dispel the Father's doubts: nor do they lack
          The noble-minded Mother's helping hand
          To launch the boat; and with her blessing cheered,
          And inwardly sustained by silent prayer,
          Together they put forth, Father and Child!                
          Each grasps an oar, and struggling on they go—
          Rivals in effort; and, alike intent
          Here to elude and there surmount, they watch
          The billows lengthening, mutually crossed
          And shattered, and re-gathering their might;
          As if the tumult, by the Almighty's will
          Were, in the conscious sea, roused and prolonged
          That woman's fortitude—so tried, so proved—
          May brighten more and more!

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