imaginary outfit: a date with a lunar eclipse

Tonight, there will be a total eclipse of the harvest moon. The sun, moon and earth will align, and if everything else falls into place (sleeping baby, clear skies), Sean and I will steal out on to the patio to catch a glimpse. The telescope is ready, and a run to our favorite apple farm means we are well supplied with snacks and cider (one of the joys of being back in Ohio is ready access to Sage's Apples; over five years, I ate my way through apples from every stand at the Union Square Greenmarket, various city grocers, and countless NYC farmers' markets — nothing came close).

We've been back in Ohio one year. Not too long ago, I would have said heaven and earth would have to move to get me to leave New York; of course, since they are always moving, that's not saying much. Still, I'm glad they've moved us here. To have space and quiet, trees and sky — to be able to look up and see many, many stars and not just the brightest few — to be close to family and old friends and delicious apples, and to get to share them with Sean and this new little person — I feel so grateful (and lucky) to have a life with these things. Tonight, clouds or not, we'll raise a mug of cider to the blood moon and celebrate the years behind and the years ahead.