little skiers, mushroom cake, baby bears and stone houses

A post of personal odds and ends to wrap up the year:

Simple Christmas crafts are one of my favorite things (see: macaroni snowflakes, salt dough ornaments stamped and drawn, elf villages). Unfortunately for me, the will to craft doesn't generally hit until about December 20th, which means that I am either frantically trying to finish projects in the midst of epic cookie baking and assorted festivities, or have a bunch of half-finished Christmas projects hanging around after the 25th.

These little skiers were a two-season projects. They got half done last year, and the finishing touches were added this year. They are very easy to make — all you need is wooden peg people, popsicle sticks, hot glue and acrylic paint. The scarves are scraps of rick-rack, ribbon and twine, and the hats are the tips of lost gloves. Tiny pompoms, jingle bells and buttons add the finishing touches.

Another holiday project: mushroom cake. Inspired by Hither and Thither, using Sprinklebakes' (very delicious) recipe

Hugh has been busy wearing his bear hat.

And in other news, we bought a house: our very first. It was built in 1929 and has a secret bookcase door. We'll move in January.

Happy holidays!