gifts some mothers might enjoy

Suzanne Sullivan large vase with gold handles (like a trippy trophy cup for parental achievements).
William Abranowicz for Whisper Editions (because motherhood sometimes feels like learning to steer a tricky craft through ever-changing conditions—dead calms, rogue waves—and places off the map.)
Doing Goods gold hand knobs (lending a helping hand is part of the job).
Masanao Abe: The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji (the title is a poem).
Made by Yoke Vata perfume oil: vanilla, coconut, bergamot, rose (it looks like a magic potion).
John Derian x Astier de Villatte beehive mug (a nod to ceaseless industry; female bees are the workers, after all).
Kamperett Cassatt dress (in cotton, with pockets, and a grosgrain belt, AND it is named for a woman artist: so, yes.)
Unpublished poems + expensive art book blank books, Book/Shop x Various Projects (a cheeky way to catalog two ongoing interests).
The Covet shower cap (fabulous and also practical).
Comb honey in a pretty jar (again with the bees; also necessary for tea and toast. This is from Healdsburg Shed.)
Irv Teibel's Environments (for moments of calm, and also because Hua Hsu's review is beautiful).
Mother-of-pearl moons by Gabriella Kiss, photographed by August (because my son says he is a crescent moon and that I am a full moon, and that Sean is a full moon, too, and that together we are a family of moons.)