gifts some mothers might enjoy

Teeny-tiny lotuses to grow in bowls on tabletops.
A carnation-scented perfume with a wryly apt name.
Appealing notebooks for surreal thoughts by Papier Tigre.
Blue suede shoes (I have a non-blue pair and can attest that they do a pretty good job in sandboxes and on playgrounds).
The flying Martha by Haptic Lap; an ornithopter inspired by the last passenger pigeon.
A friendly mug for coffee runs, made by Debbie Carlos.
sunny backpack for the endless parenting schlepp by Clare V. 
bright, easy dress by Raquel Allegra.
A new edition of Natalia Ginzberg's essays, with an introduction by Rachel Cusk. 
Kaye Blegvad safety pin (a flower or a hand) to celebrate another year of holding it all together, more or less.


Ginzberg on parenting (translated here by Dick Davis):
We must be important to our children and yet not too important; they must like us a little, and yet not like us too much — so that it does not enter their heads to become identical to us, to copy us and the vocation we follow, to seek our likeness in the friends they choose throughout their lives ... For them we should be a simple point of departure; we should offer them the springboard from which they make their leap. And we must be there to help them, if help should be necessary; they must realize that they do not belong to us, but that we belong to them, that we are always available, present in the next room, ready to answer every possible question and demand as far as we know how to.