imaginary outfit: monday

Check email; ask about proofreading gigs, update spreadsheets. Pick up kid from preschool. Stop at the big box store; look for a drying rack to corral muddy snowpants and wet mittens. Lunch; something in the freezer? Rake leaves; call grandparents. Text check-ins: pals, sister, parents. Library? Dinner: ground turkey in the fridge; sweet potatoes are still good, hopefully. Kiddo bath, book, bed. Scrabble until bedtime.

Teleport to unfamiliar walkable city with large, airy library. Request stack of books on a random theme: rock collections, the Holy Roman Empire, women in silent films, etc. Take notes. Stroll; find a strange little house museum celebrating an obscure personage. Wander through, admiring Latin mottos on floral china plates, hand-painted wallpaper, and cracked-leather Chesterfields. Wind up at dim publike bar. Summon Sean and Hugh via teleportation for warming meal of French onion soup and cheeseburgers. Arrive home. Kiddo bath, book, bed. Scrabble until bedtime.