gifts for jigsaw puzzlers

A ha-ha funny one: Piecework Puzzles Meta 1,000 piece puzzle.
Akihiro Woodworks Jin cup for sustaining sips of something warm close at hand.
Keen Hsu's LED lantern speaker, to shine a little extra light and gently amplify the soothing voices of podcasters.
Akron St. Ko low table—paired with meditation cushions or floor pillows, the tray top makes it perfect for puzzle work.
One for collectors: Liberty Puzzles "Flutter By," 290 pieces with assorted whimsies (pieces cut out in the shapes of recognizable things, like caterpillars and dancers).
A puzzle disguised as a novel/a novel disguised as a puzzle: a first edition of Julio Cortázar's Hopscotch.
Shearling moccasin clogs (fuzzy slippers are always useful).
An enamelware bake set that doubles as sorting strays for puzzle pieces (or some less-costly butcher tray palettes).
Bode quilt jacket (each one is a wearable, covetable work of art).
Perfectly pieced earrings by Grainne Morton.
A snack that keeps your hands clean: old-fashioned bourbon cocktail lollipops by A Secret Forest.
The gift of infinite options: a puzzle without end—"no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges."