gifts for practical and fanciful four-year-olds


A cheery Duckhead umbrella to brighten rainy days.
Bluebird hankies from Poketo to dry tears and wipe noses.
Hammer time! Haba tap-and-tack.
For practicing wobbly letters: a Musgrave Choo-choo Jumbo pencil and an all-weather reporter's notebook.
Grimms blocks magnets paired with a magnetic tray/pizza pan/cookie sheet to pass the time on long drives.
For the child entranced by technology: an old-school cassette recorder with enticing buttons to push and fascinating tape mechanics (or the more kiddo-friendly Lil Mib voice recorder).
Harlekin spinning tops: a perfect, pocketable amusement.
For newly independent brushers: a toothbrushing timer, to help keep those pearly whites nice and clean.
Squishable, sparkly rainbows: Land of Dough swirly glitter dough (with semi-guilt-free biodegradable glitter) or a kit to mix up a batch of your own. (In stock at Fox & Kit.)
Manitobah mukluks for keeping small toes toasty and dry on wintery days. (I have a pair in grown-up size; they are marvelous.) Mittens on a string are a good idea, too.
A maybe-magical balm for "poetic badgers and other restless wanderers." (My kiddo loves this stuff.)